The Middle Way View (on site and live online)

Tibethaus Georg-Voigt-Straße 4, Frankfurt
Hybrid Hybride Veranstaltung

Public Talk | H. E. Zong Rinpoche

H. E. Zong Rinpoche, born 1985, has been the spiritual director of Tibet House since 2023. He has the degree of a Geshe Lharampa and speaks and teaches in excellent English.

Tickets kaufen 7,00€ – 18,00€

Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattvas and White Tara initiation rb (onsite only)

Retreathaus Berghof Am Berg 1, Wiesen, Bayern, Deutschland

Seminar | H. E. Zong Rinpoche

In this classic text on training the mind, the author Thokme Zangpo provides a practical guide for those people seeking to travel the path of enlightenment. In 37 verses, the day-to-day behavior of a Bodhisattva is vividly laid out. On Saturday, 27 July, Rinpoche will grant an initiation in White Tara.