Three Hundred Verses of Introduction to Buddhism, Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattvas and Green Tara blessing rb (on site and live online)

Retreathaus Berghof Am Berg 1, Wiesen
Hybrid Hybrid Event

Seminar | H. E.  Dagyab Kyabgön Rinpoche, Shenphen Rinpoche

In this classic text on training the mind, the author Thokme Zangpo provides a practical guide for those people seeking to travel the path of enlightenment. In 37 verses, the day-to-day behavior of a Bodhisattva is vividly laid out. Shenphen Rinpoche will teach on site at the Berghof in the mornings and will be translated from Tibetan into German (with translation into English).

In the afternoon, Dagyab Rinpoche will teach on Three Hundred Verses of Introduction to Buddhism via Zoom, in English (with German translation). This text, written by Dagyab Rinpoche himself, is a fundamental teaching on understanding the purpose of Buddhism.

On Saturday, 27 July, Shenphen Rinpoche will grant a blessing in Green Tara (on site only)