Buddhist Practice on Western Ground Psychotherapy and Buddhist practice are NOT synonymous

Donnerstag 23. Juli 2020

ONLINE lecture | Harvey B. Aronson (Lama Namgyal Dorjee)

Wir hatten uns sehr auf den Besuch von Anne Rigzin Drolma und Harvey Aronson vom Dawn Mountain Center in Houston gefreut. Da die beiden diesen Sommer nicht reisen können, finden alle Veranstaltungen online statt.

Harvey Aronson hat umfassende Erfahrungen sowohl im Bereich Psychotherapie wie auch im Buddhismus, besonders hat er sich mit den Schnittpunkten beider Bereich beschäftigt, davon handelt auch sein Buch „Buddhist Practice on Western Ground: Reconciling Eastern Ideals and Western Psychology“.

Wir freuen uns, dass die Veranstaltung in Partnerschaft mit Bodhicharya, Berlin und Dawn Mountain, Houston organisiert wird. Die Anmeldung und technische Betreuung erfolgen über das Tibethaus Deutschland.

Buddhist Practice on Western Ground

With a life that has spanned over seven decades, I have seen the practice of psychotherapy change. As I was growing up, (1950s-1970s) psychotherapy had virtually no contact with the world of Buddhism. While traditional Tibetan Buddhists knew little of psychotherapy, some were disdainful of it. Then in the 70’s two worlds began to dialogue. They grew genuinely interested in each other. It’s come to the point where today where many feel that psychotherapy and Buddhist practice are synonymous.

They are not.

Of particular interest to me nowadays is how knowledge of our personal emotional experience can be enhanced by Buddhist mindfulness, and how that very same knowledge is ingredient in an individual’s mental health. In particular I will talk about what I see as a major unique contribution to individual development in the psychotherapeutic understanding of emotion, defense against emotion, and the relational context for the encouragement of emotional self-knowledge. Buddhist teachings on attention, can be supportive of this endeavor. However, they are not a magic potion. They need to be relationally adjusted to individual’s particular developmental capacities.

Complementing this conversation, as time allows, I will also discuss what Buddhist teachings are offering us that is not addressed at all in the world of psychotherapy.

Harvey Aronson (Lama Namgyal Dorje) holds a BS in Chemistry from Brooklyn College, an MSW from Boston University, and a PhD in Buddhist Studies from the University of Wisconsin. He has studied extensively with prominent teachers in the Geluk, Dzogchen and Theravada traditions in Asia and the United States.
Harvey is the author of Buddhist Practice on Western Ground and Love and Sympathy in Theravada Buddhism and is a widely recognized scholar of the intersections between traditional Buddhist practice and Western therapeutic modalities. Among the diverse approaches to therapy, he has studied structural family therapy, strategic and narrative therapies, short term solution-oriented therapy, Ericksonian and dynamic psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy.
He is currently a founding resident teacher at Dawn Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Houston, Texas.



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Buddhist Practice on Western Ground Psychotherapy and Buddhist practice are NOT synonymous
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