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To live a happy and fulfilled life has been, at all times, the highest goal of human beings. It seems though that despite a relatively high level of material wealth, we don't get very close to that goal: business, stress and irritability often dominate our lives.

Tibetan Buddhism provides many helpful methods that can lead to a more joyful living and develop a more balanced way of being. Tibet House wants to make these methods accessible so that they can be used in our daily lives here in Germany. We offer lectures, seminars, workshops, and courses in the following areas:

  • Methods of stress reduction and relaxation Yoga, MBSR and meditation
  • Business ethics, individual development and coaching
  • Stress reduction and a playful approach for children and teenagers to learn about Buddhist ethics
  • End-of-life care and grief and bereavement support

All the programs are based on the Buddhist principles of non-violence, tolerance and respect for every form of life. The instructors' goal is to support each individual in the context of her or his personal convictions.