Welcome to Tibet House Germany

Tibet House in Frankfurt is under the patronage of His Holiness the XIV. Dalai Lama and under the spiritual guidance of His Eminence Dagyab Rinpoche.

Tibet House is the first institution of this kind in Germany and works in the tradition of the Tibet Houses in New Delhi, New York. Tibet House would like to forge links between the rich culture of Tibet and Western society. Hence, it is open for everybody who has an interest in Tibet regardless of being a Buddhist or not, and offers a wide variety of information, events and classes on the subjects of Eastern medicine, Buddhist theory and practice, religious studies, Tibetology and Tibetan art and culture.

Please find information on our weekly activities, courses, workshops and study retreats all of which are held by experienced German and Tibetan teachers. 

The premises of Tibet House include a spacious assembly hall, a library, and a shop stocking Tibetan art and craft, Buddhist statues, and books; and includes a comfortable tea-counter.

BERGHOF + PARTLY ONLINE "Sutra and Tantra" Summer Course

Friday, 22. to Sunday, 31. July 2022

Seminar | H. E. Zong Rinpoche

After his extensive, successfully completed study of Sutra and Tantra, our second spiritual director Zong Rinpoche is finally coming back to Germany! This nine-day course offers many people the opportunity to experience him and his refreshing, humorous and profound teachings. The course will take place in an airy tent.

Note: Rinpoche teaches in English and will be translated into German if needed. Parts 1 and 2, as well as the concluding summer festival, can also be attended individually. For detailed information on the individual parts see below.

Registration | Deadline is July 8. If you would like to attend online only, please register by emailing info(at)tibethaus(dot)com directly. If you would like to participate on site please register directly to the Retreathaus Berghof via the following link: www.retreathaus-berghof.de/anmeldung/

Time | Start: Friday 6 pm, End: Sunday 4 pm

Costs for all three parts | Regular 420 Euro | Members 250 Euro | Reduced 170 Euro; each plus accommodation and meals (if you participate on site)



Part 1: 22. to 26.7.

Lojong "Freeing the mind from poison" (on site + live online)

In these crisis-ridden times, no one really needs to explain to us what afflictive emotions are. But why are greed, hatred and delusion so difficult to overcome? Through challenging verses of mind training (blo sbyong), Rinpoche will show us what a self-centered attitude can do to us and our environment. But also how we can free ourselves from it and thereby gain much more happiness and relaxation. He will draw on rare textual treasures that have been translated into German by Dr. Cornelia Weishaar-Günter under the guidance of Dagyab Rinpoche.

Time | Start: Friday 6 pm, End: Tuesday 5 pm

Regular 195 Euro | Members 115 Euro | Reduced 80 Euro; in each case plus accommodation and meals (when participating on site)


Part 2: 27. to 30.7.

Kriya Tantra Wang Akshobhya with nine deities (only on site)

Zong Rinpoche gives a Kriya Tantra Wang into the practice of Buddha Akshobhya with nine deities, followed by commentary teachings. The connection with Akshobhya is considered
as a particularly effective purification practice, especially in times of crisis and transition. This empowerment can be taken as an entry point into the tantric path.

Participation Requirements: Refuge and a good overall understanding of the Buddhist gradual path, internalized through study and practice. In addition, the desire to enter the tantric path based on trust.

Time | Start: Tuesday 6 pm with Heart Sutra purification practice, End: Saturday 2 pm

Regular 195 Euro | Members 115 Euro | Reduced 80 Euro; each plus accommodation and meals


Sat. 30. and Sun. 31.7.

Summer Festival! (only on site)

At the end of the intensive summer course we would like to have a relaxed getting together and celebrate in house and garden. Friends who did not take part in the seminar are most welcome to join us.

Time | Start: Saturday 4 pm, End: Sunday 4 pm

Regular 30 Euro | Members 20 Euro | Reduced 10 Euro; in each case plus overnight stay and catering (when participating on site)


Course instructor:

H. E. Zong Rinpoche, born 1985, is the spiritual director of Tibet House together with H. E. Dagyab Rinpoche. He graduated with the highest degree of Lharampa Geshe from Ganden Shartse Monastery in South India and completed one year of training at the Superior Tantric College in Dharamsala. Rinpoche speaks and teaches in excellent English, is an open and approachable teacher and conversationalist. He lives in his monastery in Mundgod.