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Art & Culture

Art and culture play a significant role in Tibet House. They are excellent to build bridges of understanding between Europe and Tibet.

We regularly host exhibitions of traditional and modern Tibetan art, as well as works by noted Western artists. We also organize musical performances, workshops and lectures on a variety of cultural topics.

Our cultural program is divided into the following areas:

1. Exhibitions of
Tibetan calligraphy, photography, contemporary Tibetan art and Western art related to Tibet, Himalayan countries and Tibet in exile, Tibetan rituals, customs and Tibetan medicine


2. Lectures about
styles in Tibetan art such as Thangkas, wall paintings and sculptures, Tibetan iconography, the idea of the Mandala, architecture, sacred objects, pilgrimages, holy places, the culture of farmers and nomads, non-Buddhist culture in Tibet, daily objects, customs, rituals, Lhamo opera, Cham dances, Gesar epos, poetry, pre-historical artifacts, contacts to neighboring countries, trade routes, coins, modern Tibetan culture and day-to-day life, media.

3. Workshops about
Thangka painting, Tibetan instruments, mask making, particular topics such as "How does the life of a nomad look?", " Who is the goddess Tara?", "What does a Tibetan altar look like?", or special workshops for children and teenagers.

4. Performances of
traditional and modern Tibetan music, singing and dancing, and also poetry readings.

5. Film/Media
Old and new documentaries, movies, videos, slide shows about Tibet, its people and culture.

In the section 'Arts' we collaborate with museums, foundations, the Association of Tibetans in Germany, universities, schools for continuing education and with other Tibet Houses.

Modern Tibetan Art - Puntsok Tsering ©

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